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July 14, 2009


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Tact is waht we need...

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It is important to note that while helpful, each of these sources serve only as recommendations. Technical fields are constantly evolving and changing.

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people should be more careful with words.
Words can kill!!

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Malaria is a scary disease and one must try and stay away from it.There are many devices that keep us away from mosquitoes these days.

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Guest blogger Beth Skorochod is a consultant in the HIV department.

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So then, one of the first steps in good BCC is simply choosing the right words. But this is easier said than done

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The words we choose can determine the way in which our messages are received and whether or not they are acted upon.

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Words are not neutral and must be wielded with caution and forethought.


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Being fat-soluble, vitamin A is stored to a variable degree in the body, making it more likely to cause toxicity when taken in excess amounts.

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Eventually it'd be cool if you could get a QR code tattoo. Barcode tattoos already exist, but they don't actually contain information. Someone tattooing a barcode on themselves is most likely using it as a political statement, to suggest that they're oppressed by the man, or just a cog in the global machine.

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Words are truely important, one wrong word and it can break a relationship.

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Agreed with the previous comment. Absolutely

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Wow.. Your thinking is too different..


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Yes, I believe the power of words.


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