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January 27, 2009


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the Seniors people use viagra because they want to have sex but they need to have a good erection

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Very interesting news.

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Interesting new that no only happen in that persons now is very common in many people.

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Being a senior is not the end of the sexual life, they understand this perfectly

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A activity like this is coming this year for all seniors.

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Where can I see that video?

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This video can be pretty instructive for elderly couples who wants to revive their sexual life.

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A video can't change a sexual life, all that you need is the properly treatment.

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The age of gold is ideal to enjoy of nice sex.

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Is very important that seniors also con enjoy his sexual life.

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the third age is a perfect opportunity to have the better sex in the whole life.

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The opinion of our older family and friends about sex is very important.

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These are people who have lived much more than us and have experience.

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The concepts of sex that they expressed were very interesting.

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It is interesting to listen to older people because they all have concepts that have been built in the life of each.

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I have not seen the video but my grandfather shared his concept of sex with me. He thinks that sex is the act of love where two souls.

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Besides the concept of sex, they have a view of life completely different from younger people.

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My grandparents have told me that before there were so many sexual transmitted diseases. But people kept more moral principles.


What is BCC? Can you explain a little bit more?

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the third age is ideal to rejuvenate your sexual life , believe me.

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Hello fellas, I just want to emphasize the good work on this blog, has excellent views and a clear vision
I really enjoy reading this blog,thanks, good topic

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Never is too late to enjoy sex even if you're a senior.

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I'm agree with you, I have more activity more than ever.

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What would you think if you saw two seniors having public sex?

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Thank you! Your help is appreciated, Very very interesting article.

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